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Cancellations and Non-attendance Policy

Beauty Exposed Boutique plans it staffing to reflect the bookings made by customers. Where a customer is unable to make their appointment time we ask them to provide at least one business day’s notice so that the staffing arrangements can be adjusted to reflect the change in customer needs, or so that waitlisted customers can be accommodated.

Beauty Exposed Boutique recognises that at times unforeseen circumstances arise and it is not always possible to provide one business day’s notice. In such circumstances we ask that the customer contact the Boutique as soon as possible.

Where a customer repeatedly cancels appointment with less than one business day’s notice, at the Boutique Manager’s discretion, the customer may be required to secure future appointments by providing pre-payment at the time of booking

Where a customer fails to attend an appointment and does not contact the Boutique regarding his or her non-attendance prior to the appointment time, the customer will be required to secure future appointments by providing pre-payment at the time of booking.

This requirement to pre-pay to secure future appointments will continue at the discretion of the Boutique Manager.


Late Arrivals Policy

Beauty Exposed Boutique recommends that the customer arrive at least 5 minutes before his or her appointment time to ensure that they and other customers are not inconvenienced.

Where a customer arrives late for an appointment, the treatment time will be reduced to reflect the time remaining. Where it is not possible to complete the treatment in the remaining time, the appointment will need to be rebooked with a pre-payment required to secure the appointment time.


Changes to Booked Services Policy

Where a customer wishes to change the service booked at the time of the appointment, Beauty Exposed Boutique will do everything possible to accommodate this request.

Where accommodating the customer’s request results in a reduction in the allocated treatment time which cannot be filled by another appointment, at the discretion of the Boutique Manager the cost of the originally booked may be charged.


Truebrow™️ Treatment Policy

Truebrow™️ is a high end brow design and maintenance process which requires a commitment to a maintenance appointment every two weeks. Truebrow™️ therapists are highly skilled in brow design, undertaking online and practical training to establish and maintain their skills.

Customers should consider the time and financial commitment before commencing a Truebrow™️ design  program.

Where customers consistently exceed more than two weeks, or greater than three weeks, between maintenance appointments they will be required to undertake a further TrueBrow™️ design  before the program will continue.

Where customers regularly defer maintenance appointments, the Truebrow™️ therapist may terminate the programme.

Noise and Mobile Phone Policy

As the Boutique is a place to escape the outside world and enter into a place of total relaxation, we ask that all mobile phones be set to silent and not used in the Boutique.

We also ask, so other guests are not disturbed, that we keep our conversational voices to a low and soft level.

We hope you enjoy the tranquillity of the surrounds and experience a relaxing and enjoyable treatment with us.


Children Accompanying Customers Policy

Consistent with the Noise and Mobile Phone Policy, the Beauty Exposed Boutique environment is not designed to be suitable for children. Children  will be required to accompany their carer into the treatment room.


Gift Voucher Policy

Other than as provided by consumer law, the following will apply to Beauty Exposed Boutique Gift Vouchers.

All vouchers will have an expiry date notated on the voucher at time of the sale.

Where this date has expired, the provision of the service or value is at the discretion of the Boutique Manager. Where the expired voucher is for a service and the price of the service has risen, in honouring the expired voucher the Boutique Manager may require the customer to pay the difference in service prices.

Where the expired voucher was donated by Beauty Exposed Boutique, the service will not be provided.



Should you have any concerns regarding a treatment or your experience at Beauty Exposed Boutique, please do not hesitate to contact the Boutique Manager to discuss your concerns.

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