TRUE BROW ™️ is a customised natural eyebrow design service using classic design principles to create feminine natural eyebrows.

Discovery session Complimentary
Design service $109
2 week maintenance $44
3 week maintenance $60



Brow tidy $22
Brow lip and chin $43

Brow $22




Classic Full set $130
Classic Refills 2 weekly (45min) $60
Classic Refills 3 weekly (60mins) $70
Volume full set. $160
Volume refill 2 weekly (60 min) $80
Volume refill 3 weekly (75 min) $100

** for refills where less than 10 eyelashes per eye remain a full set charge will apply



Eyelash  $37
Eyebrow $22
Eyelash & eyebrow $55
Lash lift and lash tint $99
Eyebrow wax, Lash and Brow Tint $75


All Facial Treatments will receive a full skin analysis using advanced analysis equipment at no additional charge and all therapists are highly trained to give you the best advice and to tailor treatments and to provide you with information to achieve a great skin We use 2 cosmeceutical brands of skincare to address all skin concerns and types and to offer a choice when prescribing a treatment and homecare routine. We use both Environ and Germaine De Capuccini which are both high grade cosmeceutical products.

THE CHALLENGE – The skins natural barrier

At Environ, we understand that the skins own natural structure poses the greatest challenge in allowing active ingredients to reach the deeper layers and deliver the best results

THE SOLUTION – Beautiful Science

In the hands of an Environ Skin Care Professionals, real lasting beauty goes deeper with our revolutionary skin care technologies combined with highly effective, powerhouse formulations. Start your journey to beautiful skin with an expert skin analysis; because beautiful skin should be for everyone – for life.

ELECTRO – SONIC   IONZYME ®DF TECHNOLOGY   the benchmark of skin care technology

The pioneering Environ Ionzyme® DF Machine combines two sophisticated technologies – low frequency Sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulsed Iontophoresis (electric current ). Dual electro – sonic technology creates tiny pathways in the skin to assist in delivering more essential; nutrients to where they are needed most, ensuring a beautiful, healthy looking skin for life.

The ultimate skin care for: Ageing , Dehydration , Pigmentation , Sun Damage, Sensitivity, Sagging Skin

Resulting in skin that looks: Firmer, Radiant , Smoother , Healthier, Youthful


ESSENTIAL FACIAL TREATMENTS with electro – sonic Infusion technology $250  | (60-90mins)

ESSENTIAL YOUTH RESET- Reveals firmer, younger & vibrant looking skin

ESSENTIAL MOISTURE BOOST- Reveals hydrated, plumper & smoother looking skin

ESSENTIAL COMFORT CALM – Reveals soothed, healthy & comfortable looking skin

ESSENTIAL RADIANCE REVEAL – Reveals flawless, brighter & even looking skin

ESSENTIAL VITAMIN TOUCH – A perfect first time facial WITHOUT electro sonic infusion. A vitamin booster treatment that reveals healthy looking skin $180 (45mins)

FOCUS – ON – TREATMENTS with electro-sonic Infusion technology
$180 | (30mins)

FOCUSON FROWN treatment – Targets the appearance of expression & frown lines

FOCUS ON EYE treatment – Targets the appearance of wrinkles & dehydration

FOCUS ON TEXTURE treatment – Targets the appearance of scarring & blemishes

FOCUS ON EVEN TONE treatment – Targets the appearance of pigmented marks

FOCUS ON FILLERS treatment – Targets the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles

At Environ, We believe that skin therapy is a science and we have harnessed decades of scientific research to create something beautiful. We call it beautiful science and that combination is powerful and extraordinary and it means we can make a difference to your skin. A real difference ,  a difference that lasts.

With this deeper understanding of the power of vitamin A and revolutionary skincare technology we can future proof your skin going deeper to help revive, restore and rehabilitate delivering more of what your skin needs to where it needs it most.

Your skin not only looks healthier,  but is healthier. Your skin not only looks beautiful, but is beautiful for life.

Experience Environ The Benchmark of Beautiful Skin.

Discover the Benchmark of Beautiful Skin with ENVIRON.

Environ Cool Peel Technology – intelligent skin renewal electronic infusion  technology (60-90 mins) $250

Environs unique Cool Peel Technology is a revolutionary, non- invasive , intelligent approach to skin peeling that safely and effectively helps to visibly brighten the appearance of the skin. While traditional approaches to skin peeling are based on the destruction of skin cells, Environ’s Cool Peel Technology works to support the effects of the natural process of healthy skin.

The ultimate peeling treatment for: Blemish Prone, Uneven Texture, Scarring, Sun damage, Ageing

Resulting in skin that looks : Smoother, Refreshed, Refined, Vibrant, Firmer, Healthier

YOUTH RENEWAL COOL PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of sun damage & ageing skin

MOISTURE BOOST COOL PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of dry & dull skin

DEEP CLEANSING COOL PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of congested and oily skin

BRIGHT RECOVERY COOL PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of dry & dull skin

DEEP CLEANSING COOL PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of congested and oily skin

BRIGHT RECOVERY COOL PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of dull and sun damaged skin

BRIGHT RECOVERY COOL PEELING – Ideal to improve the appearance of break-out prone skin

BLEMISH CONTROL ADVANCED COOL PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of uneven skin texture

VIBRANT-C MICRO PEEL – Ideal to improve the appearance of pigmented & sun damage skin

**Environ recommends a course of professional treatment for optimal results





Plasma treatments have gained a reputation as one of the best Non surgical procedures in the industry for skin tightening. 

Plasma Nasolabial $600
Plasma Abdomen (A5) $1200
Plasma Arms or knees $1000
Plasma Consultation $55
Plasma Crows Feet $400
Plasma Dotless $200
Plasma Ears $400
Plasma Eye Lower Eyelid $600
Plasma Eye Upper Lift $600
Plasma Forehead $500
Plasma Jowls $600
Plasma Lesions First 50 then $30 therafter $50
Plasma Neck Lift $1200
Plasma Stretch Marks starts from $300 onwards $300
Plasma Top OR Bottom Lip $400
Plasma Vascular Cheeks From $200 onwards $200
Skin Consultation – Plasma $55



Plasma Fibroblast uses a handheld device to create superficial thermal traumas that immediately shrinks and tightens the skin. Over the next 90 days, new collagen and elastin is produced by your skin’s fibroblast cells as they work to repair the skin, meaning the skin tightening effects continue to develop as the healing process progresses.

A small probe is used to target specific areas of concern to trigger collagen contraction via controlled thermal trauma – similar to putting jeans in the dryer, causing fibres to contract.

Transference of heat to the skin causes fibroblast synthesis. The probe does not to touch the skin in order to cause the arc, hence no penetration of the skin. Over the next 90 days you can really watch the magic happen.

Your therapist will discuss your individual treatment and suggest skin preparation and aftercare plan to avoid side effects and assure that you achieve the best outcome prior to performing plasma fibroblast treatments.

What can be treated?

  • Loose and saggy skin
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Eyelid lift
  • Brow lift
  • Crow’s feet
  • Marionette lines/ Nasolabial
  • Mouth and upper lip
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead
  • Neck lift
  • Scars
  • Stretchmarks
  • Pigmentation spots

Results will vary with each client, but most require 3 treatments depending on the severity of skin laxity and clients healing ability.

Like all cosmetic procedures Plasma does not stop future ageing and can’t be considered entirely permanent. The longevity of the positive treatment results can last for years, depending on each individual’s lifestyle, genetics and quality of aftercare.

LED $69

LED MEMBERSHIP $200 month = 3 x a week for 4 weeks (not during peak times)


Radio Frequency Treatment (45 min) $199

Add on NECK $30
Add on LED $39

Epi-blading, also known as Dermaplaning & Epidermal Levelling.



Epi-blading, also known as Dermaplaning & Epidermal Levelling with some first assumptions of this treatment are – “is it like shaving your face?!”

No. EPI blading is a gentle method of deeply exfoliating the skin. The treatment is pain free with no down time required! A surgical blade is worked over the face removing the outer layers of dead skin cells as well as any fine hair (also known as ‘peach fuzz’) This is also a great treatment for people with blonde facial hair that cannot be treated with a laser.
This treatment is an effective and safe exfoliation procedure. Your therapist will use a sterile surgical scalpel to remove the surface of the dead skin and peach fuzz hairs. The tool is held at a 45 degree angle and is brushed along the skin to remove the hair and dead skin cells. The procedure is only performed on the face and neck not for eyebrows.

Benefits include:

  • After the treatment provides deeper product penetration
  • Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peach fuzz”
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars
  • Diminishes the look of fine lines
  • Works on all skin types
  • Instant results and no downtime

Post treatment your skin will feel and look the smoothest it’s ever felt. You’ll leave with glowing, dewy skin that creates a beautiful base for flawless makeup application.

We recommend having an epi-blading treatment performed every three to four weeks. This is an ideal time as it is good to have the skin complete its normal rejuvenation cycle (which is 30 days) before going back and having the treatment done. Generally this procedure will remove between two to three weeks of dead skin from the facial area!


15 min Treatment ( Minimum ) $99
30 min Treatment $149
45 min Treatment $199
60 min Treatment $249


Recommended 3 treatments (7-10 days apart). Treatment plan is dependent on skin concerns or recommended treatment programme by our skilled therapist. 



Skin Needling is a non- surgical cosmetic, minimally invasive treatment that stimulates the skin to rejuvenate via its natural wound healing responses. Micro – needles are used and depending on the skin, needle depths may vary and will be determined by your therapist. New collagen and elastin will be stimulated throughout the dermal skin layers minimising fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks and is an excellent overall treatment for clients concerned at improving general skin laxity or have general ageing concerns. This treatment is also known as collagen induction therapy.



Pedicure with polish  $85
Pedicure with Shellac  $95
Shellac toes  $65
Soak, Toe nail cut, file and polish $55



Brow  Tidy $22
Brow TrueBrow TM Design $109
Lip $12
Chin $12
Brow, lip & chin $43
Sides of face/cheeks $18
Underarm $25
1/2 arm $28
Full arm $34
Standard bikini line $30
G-string bikini $39
Brazilian $50
1/2 leg $39
3/4 leg $45
Full leg $49


Brow $22
Full back incl. shoulders $55
Upper or lower $40
Chest & abdomen $55
Chest $40
Abdomen $40
Full leg $70


 All prices are per treatment. Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve the best and most permanent results. 

Consultation and test patch
(price taken off first $55
IPL Buttocks (full buttock) $70
IPL Arms Full $159
IPL Arms half $79
IPL Back and Shoulders $189
IPL Bikini extended $55
IPL Bikini Standard line $40
IPL Brazilian – female $70
IPL Brazilian and Underarm $80
IPL Chest and Abdomen $189
IPL Face – Chin $40
IPL Face – Neck $55
IPL Face -Sides of face $55
IPL Face- Lip $40
IPL Full face lip/chin/cheeks/jawline/ $99
IPL Inner Thigh Area excluded in Brazilian $70
IPL Leg Bottom half $129
IPL Legs Full $199
IPL Legs Top half $159
IPL Naval Line $40
IPL Underarm $40




15 min appnt (10 min) Electrolysis/Diathermy $50

30 min appnt (20min) Electrolysis/Diathermy $60

Consultation & Test Patch Electrolysis/Diathermy $10





Makeup (in salon) POA
One on one tuition POA
Bridal make up POA





Hot stone massage (90 mins) $130
Relaxation massage (60 min) $90 
Relaxation massage (30min) $60
Sea salt body scrub $85

Sea salt body scrub with massage $165
Sea salt body scrub, massage & mini facial $199
Sea salt body scrub, body wrap $165 
Sea salt body scrub, body wrap & mini facial $190



Full Body  $40
Legs only $30

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